<VV> Gaz prices

Padgett pp2 at 6007.us
Tue Jul 11 10:43:12 EDT 2006

At 11:49 PM 7/10/2006, you wrote:
>What I find funny is I can remember paying a low 48 cents/gallon back in
>high school... 1983-1985... I also remember paying about 70 cents in town,
>too.... gas was always higher in Louisville.

Younker: In 1967 was paying 20 cents/gal for regular (but usually went for 
the 22 cent/gal premium) at the Direct station. Full Service stations were 
common then and gas was 30-35 cents for Amoco Super Premium "White Gas" 
(Unleaded). Was usually on a par with Sunoco 260.

After the 1973 "Gas Crisis", prices doubled, and then doubled again after 
the 1979 "Crisis". By 1984 Premium was bouncing around a dollar (mortgage 
rats were 12-15%) and has been on a steady increase since. Around 1998 we 
started getting the "Up a lot and down a little" cycles.

Florida seems pretty much in the middle with gas prices and on a trip, 
usually fill up just over the border to Georgia in both directions when 
headed North. (takes more than one tank headed West to leave the state).

Now a loaded Camaro was $3000 in 1967, around $10k in 1984, and is about 
$30,000 today so figure 1:10 inflation since then and 1:3 since 1984. By 
that standard, gas at $3/gal is pretty close but I doubt that it will stop 
there. Suspect SUVs are about to become "toxic waste".


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