<VV> Turn signal switch removal

norman.witte at comcast.net norman.witte at comcast.net
Tue Jul 11 21:59:43 EDT 2006

Ok, this one has me stumped.  This is on one of the '65 Corsas with the standard column.  I am trying to install a new turn signal cancelling arm and I need to remove the switch from the column because the *&^$! retaining ring behind the switch conveniently covers the Phillips screw that holds the cancelling arm in place.  The problem is that I cannot get the switch to come off of the column.  It will rotate a small amount, but regardless of how I turn it, it will not budge.  By the way, yes, I read the shop manual and it was very helpful.  It said, remove switch and retaining ring.  Gee, thanks.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Norm Witte 

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