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if a  vair is sitting next to a vette, its the vair and the vair ower that 
gets the  attention

I think the Corvair is getting more attention because you don't see dozens  
of them at typical car shows. We have gained a few new members to our club that 
 bought or want to buy a Corvair because it's not another Camaro or Mustang.  
Now at the autocross, the other guys are starting to notice our Corvairs  
because we're kicking their butts (or at least coming close) in a 40 year old  
car that we have less than half the money they have in their modern cars.  

Ned  Madsen
MCCA President - Wichita, KS
1966 Corsa 140/4 speed
1965 500  Sedan 95/PG

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