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Mike Kost vairmike at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jul 12 11:11:06 EDT 2006


Check your lug nuts on your rear wheels. Next put a jack under the lower 
control arm on each rear wheel (one at a time) and just raise the wheel 
off of the ground. You can then try to wiggle the wheel side to side. 
There should be NO side to side wiggle. There could be as much as an 
inch af wiggle in the up and down direction. I f there is movement in 
the up and down direction have someone else do the wiggling while you 
look for movement (in and out) of the axle shaft (which is OK). My guess 
is that if you don't have loose lug nuts you have bad rear bearings.

Mike Kost

Chris C, Warwick RI wrote:

> My 65 110/pg has developed a new sound.  Started today.  If I 
> aggressively pull away from a stop and am turning left it sounds like 
> I am going over a bridge (with the grates).  Strait forward is fine.  
> Have not tried a right turn.  The sound goes away when I leave the 
> turn.  Sounds like from the rear end.
> Of course I am in the middle of house modifications, so the garage is 
> full of lumber.  But I will be getting an addition to the back of the 
> garage to store engines/compressors, shop tools.

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