<VV> Gas Price--one final message

Chuck Kubin dreamwoodck at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 12 12:47:39 EDT 2006

Hey gang,
    This constant flow of bullshit about what you pay in your part of the world, the regularly-scheduled repetition of the same nonsense that came out the last time prices went up, and its total irrelavance to Corvairs and what I put in my tank, reenforces beliefs I formed months ago.
  I believe a number of our members subscribe to "my brain is bigger than your brain." In this category are those who like to pump out all sorts of facts and statistics as a demonstration of some facet of some topic, regardless of the relevance.
  I believe a lot of our members think that if they put the word "Corvair" in the header that this somehow has to do with our cars...regardless of the content.
  I believe a lot of our members are just flat lazy. C'mon!!!!! How hard is it to relabel your post when the header no longer reflects the content? How hard is it to take the topic to talk when you've got a running debate going that doesn't relate to the group?
  I believe "me too" is out of hand. Really, do you think we (the collective we) give a shit what you paid for gas this week? Am I, what, supposed to drive 1,500 miles to fill up on 93 octane at your local station? Just because someone sends three recognizable words, does everybody have to jump in with the same damned thing everyone else wrote?  Did 20 people have to repeat the same information on avgas?
  I believe our members suffer from long-term and short-term memory loss or attention defecit disorder. This seems evident when someone repeats the same question that generated a lengthy thread over two weeks, had been answered 10 times within that day, or had been asked last month without reading what everyone else sent that week or without looking in the archives. Now, I will throw out the word "tires" so you guys can kick it around for another two weeks.
  I believe we've talked about this on a regular basis at least six times in the two years I've been in VV.
  I believe if I've offended anyone individually that there's at least a strong tie between what I've said and the truth.
  I like you guys a lot, in fact, a lot more than some people I've know for a lot longer. I feel like I've forged some friendships, you've helped me in some tight spots,  and I treasure what I've learned, but dammit, like may who have gone before me, I just can't invest this kind of time any more.
  Lon--get better soon, I might be gone but I'm still pulling for you. Hank--great to see you back with the group, even if just through the convention. Chuck, Mike, Seth and many others-- thanks for your ever-flowing fountain of expertise. Garth--always the gentleman, thanks for your level-headed contributions.
  I'm going to lurk for a short, probably VERY short, time, and then I'm gone. Please keep my email address handly if you ever want to talf about Corvairs or I can lend a hand.
  Chuck Kubin
  Like I Fuckin Care Corvair Experts Grand Poobah

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