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Thu Jul 13 13:03:04 EDT 2006

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> You are correct that your combo will do better on grades, third gear is 
> very useful.  There may be stretches where he will need to run in low 
> if the van is well loaded, the *very* big no-no is to run it hard at 40 
> in high.  If it will do 70 on the flat then it should be ok.

To add to my earlier response to this thread--make sure the PG equiped FC has 
fresh Dexron as well--at least a pan full.  As for the load mentioned 
above--this is the service our FC exhaust valve rotators were made for.  And our FC's 
can accelerate up a hill which allows us to pass all the VW Westphalia's 
(unless they've been converted to Corvair power)!  Bill Elliott are you out there?

Bob Hall
Group Corvair
'64 Brier
'65 Corsa
2 '68 Monzas

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