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ive noticed,

if a vair is sitting next to a vette, its the vair and the vair ower that
gets the attention

i think its several things

    the respect of being able to keep a 40 year old car with such a bad
reputation going
        (undeserving but appreaciated)

    the great memories of previous owners, more than i ever realized

    because we are not driving cars worth tens of thousands of dollars,
we're appear more down to earth and approchable

 & grandpa's '66 monza 110 vert w/2 on the dash

	Last weekend I went to the Geneseo (New York) Car show to spend some time
with my dad, our cars, and to watch some vintage aircraft fly low overhead
(the air show in Geneseo was the same weekend.  He drove in with his Senior
class winner  '39 Chevy woody and parked next to my "made from leftovers"
'63 vert.  During the day he could not believe the number of people that
looked over my car more so than his. I guess this could be attributed to the
" I had one of these years ago" effect.
	 The kicker at the end of the day was my vert placed third in the
"Survivor" class and Dad went home empty handed.

Eric Holz

P.S. Dad and I had a great day together, and by the way, what is a SURVIVOR
class for trophies?

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