<VV> FC hill performance

Corvair66 at aol.com Corvair66 at aol.com
Fri Jul 14 00:36:23 EDT 2006

 It will be fine. I recently made a trip to our TriState meet in Colorado 
with my 80 hp powerglide 8 door with 3.55 diff. Anyhow, several 10,000 foot 
passes and it did not miss a beat. I will admit spending a good amount of time in 
low gear at 35 mph, but it was happy there. How about pulling the lower shrouds 
as it makes a big difference in head and oil temps. Pretty sure you will not 
be needing the heater or defroster. How about the brakes as you will be on 
those pretty hard on occasion especially with a powerglide. Enjoy the trip!
                  Dave Huntoon / Corvairs New Mexico

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