<VV> A/C Blower Resistor

Geoffrey A Johnson geoffj at unm.edu
Fri Jul 14 13:44:04 EDT 2006

I know this is a strange question, but hopefully someone can (please) 
help.  I am 
accruing as much A/C documentation as I can, but for now can not find the 

So all the diagrams show the resistor block on the AC distribution Unit. 
The problem is 
I am dealing with an amalgam of original parts from various years.  It 
appears the resistor got moved 
at some point.

On our factory AC '62, the plug and resistor block  appears to be round 
and fits into the blower 
housing (for cooling).  The two blower housings I have do not have this. 
I have one wiring harness that has a round plug for the resistors.  And 
one that has a plug 
that looks like that for the heater blower resistors.   So I am assuming 
it was moved, maybe into to the outlet housing?  Can I use a heater 
resistor block, or say this, listed for A/C:




And cut and mount it in the blower housing so it stays cool.

Geoff Johnson

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