<VV> Banquet at the (was Share Driving to) Yenko Reunion

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Fri Jul 14 15:27:09 EDT 2006

Last Minute Registration at Yenko Reunion....

This brings up a point.  If you are planning on attending the Yenko Reunion 
at the Hilton Garden Inn, Twinsburg OH and haven't registered to buy a 
banquet ticket, you might want to do so. Although the hotel is flexible, 
they can only accommodate so many additional late folks who want to attend 
the banquet. In other words, we have to turn in our head-counts in advance 
and have some leeway for additional people we anticipate signing up on the 
weekend. However, beyond that, not guaranteed.

Cutoff date for postal reception of funds is Wed COB, 19 July 06. After 
that, late registration. We can accept last minute verbal or email intent 
with payment at hotel or track if for the track day on Monday. See web site 
for phone numbers. Similarly, the transponder lady needs information NLT Wed 
to enter in her program. Again we can acommodate last minute ones; 
predicated on the fact that 90% are already in the system.

Car show entries are the easiest; Register on site Sunday am, if you cannot 
get the info in before hand. But be warned about the banquet availability.

It sure helps a lot if any folks can get their info in as soon as possible.

Chuck Sadek
Yenko 40th Aniversiary Celebration

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