<VV> A New E-bay Low! HUMOR

corvairs lonwall at corvairunderground.com
Fri Jul 14 17:22:56 EDT 2006

"It came with a manual tranny...?" from the factory eh?

PHD in this case must mean Pretty Hopheadded Dorks. Or perhaps it's a 
PHD he is looking for as a purchaser? And I had been told that Einstien 
was dead. Lon

Norman C. Witte wrote:

>"Q: Is it set up for a manual or automatic transmission? The engine number
>would probably answer ALL the questions you'll be getting. The 140 hp engine
>uses a slightly different crank gear for the automatic tranny, which is why
>I'm asking for the engine number. Thanks! 
>"A: I can answer this question easily. It came with a manual tranny which I
>can't find right now. To read the engine number would involve at least two
>hours of labor for two phd's. If any of you would come up with the money, we
>would gladly obliege."  

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