<VV> Dressing up my corvair engine

Ray Rodriguez reray at echoes.net
Sat Jul 15 09:32:41 EDT 2006

Greetings folks,

     I am getting started on the restification of my 65 Corsa coupe (after sadly selling the 66 500 coupe) and I was wondering if any of you have any great ideas for dressing up the engine compartment.  The car will be driven quite a bit, so I won't be keeping it completely spotless but I intend to do my best to make it look good.  I'm going for a custom look, not stock so the wilder the better!  Im thinking I would like to see quite a bit of body color (will be red or orange) and chrome in the engine room.

     If anyone has any pictures of amazing Corvair engine rooms please e-mail them to me directly or send a link!


Ray Rodriguez
CORSA member
1965 Corsa 140/4

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