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Mike Kost vairmike at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jul 15 13:51:38 EDT 2006

After grinding enough of the "STUFF" off of the stud to remove it 
through the head I discovered that even though I see threads a different 
stud slides right in with no resistance. I guess it's time to pull the 
head so that the cylinder can be removed and a helicoil installed (2 
with off the shelf ones). I have done this before but really didn't want 
to have to go that deep in the engine. I guess this does give the 
opportunity to check the head and valves since it had bent pushrods. 
With the center 4-barrel it should be relatively easy to remove the head 
in the car.

Mike Kost

TimogensTurbo at aol.com wrote:

>Mike you ain't seen nothin' YET!!! ggg  There's ALWAYS a reason for the cars 
>to be parked / sold!
>Matt Nall
>Flagellum Dei   
>In a message dated 7/14/06 8:21:16 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
>vairmike at sbcglobal.net writes:
>>I was helping my son try to get his "new" CORSA running tonight. We got 
>>it running but it was rough and spitting so we decided to pull the valve 
>>covers and check the valves and lifters. We found 2 bent pushrods (one 
>>was broken). When he was putting the pushrods back in he said the #2 
>>exhaust was turning the stud when he tried to remove the rocker arm nut. 
>>On further investigation we found the head stud was turning. When we 
>>removed the stud we found someone had apparently tried to weld the stud 
>>to the cylinder. There's a chunk of metal (or possibly J.B.Weld) stuck 
>>to the stud and block.
>>Mike Kost

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