<VV> 62 Corvair Monza 900 wagon

mark bashara marklaredo at msn.com
Sun Jul 16 08:56:03 EDT 2006

Well you can bet I'll never call my 62 wagon a Lakewood again. Thanks to all 
who set me on the path of knowledge. Just for an update, after puting in new 
points, plugs, cleaning out the fuel line, (it was full of 20 year old fuel) 
and a new fuel pump as well as changing the oil and filter, the Monza wagon 
made its first trip around the driveway. It shifted smooth and I will 
probably bring it home to start cleaning it up today. When I get it all 
detailed up I will take some photos and put them on. I also have a ton of 
spare parts that came with it, a rear hatch, rear exhaust grill to name just 
a few. I will probably keep everything for spare parts. Thanks to all who 
wished me well! Mark

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