<VV> points problem

mhicks130 at cox.net mhicks130 at cox.net
Sun Jul 16 20:23:02 EDT 2006

Today decided to install the tune-up kit that I bought from Clarks a year ago in anticipation of my drive to the convention.  After I installed everything, my car would not start.  I double checked the wires and their order and all looked fine.  I then put the old rotor on - nuthin, the old condensor - nuthin and then the points - success.  I put the new rotor and condensor on and it still starts (I left the new cap on the whole time).  So what could be the problem??   Can new points be bad?  They're Clark's #C982 which are Delco (GM) #12338661.  I'm glad I discovered this in my driveway and not out on the road.  Any suggestions on points for our cars?  Should I just swing by NAPA and get what they've got (for a spare)?   


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