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>  Next headache is the glovebox. Old one committed suicide &fell out in 
> pieces so no picture of how it fits. I bought a new cardboard inner from the 
> Underground &I've tried 6 ways from Sunday to get it to fit but no dice. No room 
> from behind to go up &forward &thru the front the upper left corner of the 
> dash cut out has a 1 1/2 sq. in. of sheetmetal the light plunger lives in that 
> blocks insertion from that avenue.Instructions with the liner had only to do 
> with installation of the nuts into the cardboard &nothing in the GM Assembly 
> Manual about glove box interiors. What am I missing??? Is the EM a different 
> liner? Shipped the wrong year glove box interior??
It goes straight thru from  the opening....just push it thru.......

All GM  cars of the 40/50/60's  were this way..

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