<VV> Crunch time/plan B/ regd. Crunchable Bill (humor?)

Louis C. Armer,Jr. carmerjr at mindspring.com
Mon Jul 17 17:18:16 EDT 2006

Most of us are not brave enough to send our wives on trips, others 
are foolish enough to try,
and then there is WildBill who shoves them out the door and brags 
about it.................<GGG>

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At 01:11 PM 7/17/2006, you wrote:
>Well, I will be showing up to the Yenko 40th with an unprepared car 
>(not a shock at all to anyone) with only attention paid to the 
>necessary safety items (tires, bearings, brakes, etc)... though I 
>had grandiose plans (as usual) another car project (as well as a 
>hectic work schedule) has kept me from spending any time on my car.
>I know that many of us are not afraid of long trips at all, how many 
>of you would send out your wife and daughter (neither mechanically 
>inclined) for a 7500 mile trip around the US in a Corvair?
>Well I did (kind of)... and here is the story (so far).
>I promise regular updates on the site.... good, bad, and ugly. They 
>are carrying a CORSA roster (and the VW camper equivalent)  and 
>plenty of spare parts.... so you've now had fair warning!  ;-)

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