<VV> FC Engines - Harmonic Balancer or not? No tires.

EVERETT WILSON aircooled6 at prodigy.net
Tue Jul 18 10:19:58 EDT 2006

My 64 Greenbrier has what I presume to be it's original 110 HP engine, Code WB.  My question, since Im slowly assembling parts to install a/c is whether the 110 FC engines were supposed to have the Harmonic Balancer or not.  It didnt have one when I got it, but we all know that things just might get changed over the years.  
  The main issue is: I have an early type a/c pulley that is cast as part of the crank pulley.  I had never seen one of these before.  I plan to use it if the potential for engine damage is unlikely.  Im thinking that the revs never get into that high performance vibration creating area that a 110 in a car might.  
  Oh, and as long as Im asking....is the cam on the FC different than the car engine of similar year/output?  Would that make a difference in the above question?  
  I have changed the heads over to a set of rebuilt smog heads I had lying around and it runs really well and except for this week when the temperature has been 100 plus, is perfectly happy on 87 unleaded.  I was getting some occasional ping and dieseling, so I put some 93 in it this week. That solved both. (Bottom shrouds are still on and t-stats functioning, synthetic oil)  I suspect that if I had gotten around to shroud removal, it wouldnt be an issue.   
  So, there are some Corvair questions for the list to mull over!
  Stay Cool everyone!!!
  Everett Wilson
  North Richland Hills TX
  (Where my pool water is 95 degrees)
  64 Brier - Daily Driver 110/PG
  67 500 4dr 110/pg/ac - awaiting some brake cylinders and a new compressor

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