<VV> More on Tire sizes; also vair spoilers

Ray Rodriguez reray at echoes.net
Tue Jul 18 14:11:48 EDT 2006

Hey guys, 

     After all your suggestions I had settled on 205-60-15 front and 225- 55-15's at the rear.  

     After seeing these tires I cant help but feel that I could (and would want to)go wider.  These tires are still too narrow for my taste.  I'm fairly certain I had 215's all the way around on my old 14 inch wheels.

     Has anyone out there had success going with wider tires?  I'm thinking maybe 225-50-15 at the front and 245-50-15 at the rear?

(Late model Vair by the way, and willing to forego wheelwell trim if it helps)

Ray Rodriguez
65 Corsa 140/4

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