<VV> Harmonic Balancer Y or N?

Tony Underwood tonyu at roava.net
Tue Jul 18 22:54:16 EDT 2006

It is MY not so humble educated experience that if you're running a 
164" Corvair engine with a cast pulley and it's hooked to a manual 
gearbox, you're taking a chance.

I've seen several broken crankshafts that likely wouldn't have 
cracked if they'd been running the correct balancer.

I've had ONE balancer fail in the entire stretch of years I've fooled 
with Corvairs, and it sawed a hole in the oil filter and there for 
alerted me to its pending demise before it ever actually tried to 
come apart.

No big deal...  I have more than two gallons of *very* tough 
catalytic urethane synthetic rubber that's made to order for fixing 
balancers and/or forming bushings etc.    I collect up failed 
balancers, stick 'em on the jig and bond them back together, no biggie...

...mostly because I'm cheap.     Need to cook up one for my '60 
4-door to replace the old one on it now...  guess it's time to break 
out the urethane this weekend.


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