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Subject: <VV> Harmonic Balancer
I know this one wasn't Convention related, but it is related to my line of 

1st, Let me give my friend Smitty an "AMEN". I heard the story first hand at 
a club meeting after it happened, and then in the Communique afterwards. 
That true saga of his Breakdown on the Great Plains (to call it a story is 
really doing it a dis-service) is without a doubt a "Hard Luck Story for the 
Ages".  I doubt myself smart enough to figure out the things he did, and I 
don't have his mechanical aptitude.  But if I had to go thru what he did on 
that one trip, I don't think I'd be involved with Corvairs anymore.

2nd, I want to say that Smitty's historical summary of the why's and 
wherefores of the Harmonic vibration problem is spot on. I listened to 2 SAE 
engineers discuss this at a show in Florida recently.  Smitty might not be 
an engineer, but he's sure got a tight hold on this issue. But after knowing 
him for 18 years, this is what I have come to expect. I'm glad he gave an 
overview, but he actually said it all with the first sentence. Good-O 

3rd. Cadillacs and Packards in the late 30's had special harmonic balancers. 
The only thing common to the engines is they're in-line 8 cylinders. As you 
can see in the Packard listing below, no 6's, 120's(Junior 6's) and one of 
the engines in the Super 8 Series.

>From the Steele Rubber Products 2006 Catalog

Read both the description and the price. Be Happy!
Vibration damper, crankshaft, front. Revulcanizing service for rubber 
cushion elements. All models (except Six, 120's, and 1939 Super 8). This 
includes assemblies #195918, 201075, 210647, 219921. Any parts needing 
replacement beyond the friction disks, which we will replace if required, 
will be your responsibility. Most units need only cleaning and 
revulcanizing. Send us the entire unit. Timing calibrations will be kept 
intact. Allow 2 to 3 weeks for service.

IMHO, Get you a balancer, get it rebonded, and put it on, I don't give a 
hill of beans what the engine, or the Type of Vair it's in.
Dampening Torsional vibration is never a bad thing.


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