<VV> RE: Balancers

grant young gyoungwolf at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 19 09:23:48 EDT 2006

<Seriously, they wouldn't have spent the money to add the balancers if they 
weren't necessary.>

Unless of course, the engineer's Uncle Marvin owned the company that made the parts, or
someone needed to justify their job, etc. :-).

There has been a lot of discussion, debate, argument over this issue, but the anecdotal data
says that there are many solid pulley cars still running around after 40 years without incident.
The other side of that is that failures today could very well have as much to do with the
age and care of the engine as anything else. Depending on who was in charge of what in 1960,
the damper could be over-engineering, which is usually rationalized in a fancy-smancy technical paper,
a chance to kick back some money to a relative, or simply taking the low bid :-),

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