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> >Chevrolet factory's harmonic balancer frequency of 222 cycles per second
> Hmm that relates to the firing impulses at 4440 rpm (rpmx3/60). Anything 
> interesting about that rpm ?
> Padgett 

Yes!, exactly where you spend a lot of time if you are driving briskly or at 
High speed...

Sandcar.....very few WOT  blasts lasting longer than 10 seconds...Stamped 
steel pulley [ lightest]. 30 yrs.....

110/4/3.89 car......70mph at 3700rpm...cast steel....13k miles.....not a racer!  

140/4/4.11's with 22" tires....HB......lots of time at 4000-5000 rpm...

Matt Nall
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