<VV> Balancers - Dampened enthusiasm HUMOR

Norman C. Witte ncwitte at wittelaw.com
Wed Jul 19 14:09:19 EDT 2006

> So, is anybody going to the convention? - Seth

Dude, we're all already here!  It's half over and we have been wondering
where you've been.

Sorry you missed it, but here are some of the highlights.  We couldn't get
JR to take the lampshade off his head. At the VV meeting, Hank and Matt sang
a duet--their favorite song from "Cats."  Never knew that Hank was such a
Lloyd-Webber fan.  Darth Vair took second in the Car Display.  It was a
surprise move -- Chuck said he was bored with the same old crowd and wanted
to "see how the other half lives."  Right now Bill Hubbell is out in the
parking lot adding a hybrid kit to Alice for the Econorun.  He said that
with gas prices as they are he is going to leave it in.  He also said he had
already had a lot of success with the big windup key and clockwork spring.
Seems Rick Norris forgot to put the doors on his car.  He explained it away
as his "Fantasy Island" look.  Apparently the last minute prep for the
convention was too much.

My car only fell off the trailer once on the way here; fortunately I had had
the foresight to add more air to the tires and it bounced right back on.

Probably just as well you couldn't make it, since all the loaners for the
autocross are already taken.


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