<VV> The Amazing Corvair's Glorious 50th Golden Anniversary October 2nd, 2009

Rodney Spooner corvairenterprises at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 20 15:32:17 EDT 2006

  Has anyone out there in VVland seen or heard anything about plans for the amazing Corvair's glorious 50th golden anniversary, October 2nd, 2009? I haven't. We're a little more than 3 years away!
  If you know of anyone, anywhere, planning local and/or national events please hook me up or direct them to me, Rodney Spooner, at corvairenterpirses at yahoo.com.
  If ever there was a time to rally together, show-off, thumb our noses, and party hearty, this is a GOLDEN (no pun intended) opportunity. This is the time to get in the world's face and remind them that the Corvair was (and still is) amazing. To remind the world that the Corvair holds a very important and unique place in American automotive history.
  1. The 1960 Corvair was Motor Trend's Car of the Year
  2. Unibody construction
  3. Fully independent suspension
  4. Rear mounted, Air cooled engine
  5. Etc.,.
  This is the time and opportunity we need to disspell the notion, and prove once and for all, that the Corvair's "Unsafe At Any Speed" reputation was unjustified.
  1. Start now to promote Corvair autocross and SCCA race events.
  2. Did you kow that the land speed record for a Corvair is 180 MPH set back in the 1970's? If anyone has any details and pictures please e-mail them to me.
  3. I can't find it now, but a friend of mine gave me an article about a Corvair currently holding the Stock H Class in drag racing. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  We NEED to be working now to create a ground swell of attention and enthusiasm leading up to the golden anniversary event by:
  1. Promoting more Corvair shows and events.
  2. Encourage new membership. There is at least a generation that have never seen and don't know what a Corvair is and another generation that have forgotten. When strangers see my Corvair, it always seems to bring back great memories.
  3. Rebuild/restore as many Corvairs as possible, especially the 1960 models which will be the head liner for this anniversary event. Cavemen, are you listening?
  4. Who, what, when, where, is the oldest Corvair (dead and/or alive?) (Help!)
  5. I currently own a 1960 4-door sedan, VIN 00769K100037 which I would like to see RESTORED (whether I do it or someone else who really knows what they are doing!)
  Lots of work to do. Need your thoughts, ideas, enthusiam, and support. If we get off to a good start now, we'll be riding a landslide of enthusiasm to the Amazing Corvair's Glorious 50th Golden Anniversary, October 2nd, 2009 and for 10 years and beyond...
  Vairy truly yours,
  Rodney Spooner
  Member-Inland Empire Corvair Club (CORSA Chapter 925)
  Enthusiastic Owner of 24 +/- Corvairs
  Remember-Amazing Corvair's Glorious 50th Golden Anniversary, October 2nd, 2009
  Motor Trend's Car of the Year - 1960 Corvair

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