<VV> The Amazing Corvair's Glorious 50th Golden Anniversary

robert harvey roharvey at nmsu.edu
Thu Jul 20 17:09:38 EDT 2006

>   If ever there was a time to rally together, show-off, thumb our 
> noses, and party hearty, this is a GOLDEN (no pun intended) 
> opportunity. This is the time to get in the world's face and remind 
> them that the Corvair was (and still is) amazing. To remind the 
> world that the Corvair holds a very important and unique place in 
> American automotive history.
>   1. The 1960 Corvair was Motor Trend's Car of the Year
>   2. Unibody construction
>   3. Fully independent suspension
>   4. Rear mounted, Air cooled engine
>   5. Etc.,.
  I don't know if the United States Postal Service would deem it 
worthy of a commutative postage stamp but it might be worth a try as 
it is a truly unique American made ((sorry Canada) automobile. 
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