<VV> 15" Wheels

Dave Keillor dkeillor at tconcepts.com
Thu Jul 20 21:36:41 EDT 2006

I understand, but it's really hard to find a light, strong, good looking
15-inch wheel that has close to the right backspacing.  For $220 I can
get Torq Thrust wheels with custom backspacing.  I really like the looks
of Cragar SS wheels, but backspacing isn't right and they are HEAVY.
The main reason for 15" wheels is to have a decent selection of tires to
choose from.


Dave Keillor



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	Does anyone use Weld Rodlite wheels?  They're 2-piece forged
wheels at a
	not too unreasonable price.  The 15x7 is available in a 4.5"
	and weighs 14 pounds.
	Dave Keillor

Most Corvair people have a problem with $155 each (Summit) as a price
for wheels. Not me, maybe, but I have paid a lot less for wheels! <grin>

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