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Well, Ned, let's talk.

I negotiate the contracts with the hotels. We sign contracts which say that 
CORSA is going to use XX number of room nights. Usually it is in excess of 

The contact stipulates that CORSA actually uses the rooms it books because 
the meeting rooms used for meetings, tech sessions, and hospitality are 
given to the convention at no charge.

If the number of rooms actually used falls below a number based upon the 
number of rooms we booked, we are charged for the meeting rooms, the room 
nights or, in some cases, both.

The attrition rate usually starts at 90% which means that if we book 1000 
room nights and our total number of room night used falls below 900, CORSA 
is paying **big** time. I negotiate the attrition rate as low as possible, 
so hopefully it does not impact us.

As JR observed, the hotel will not charge you for a room night, if you 
cancel before a certain time. That does not mean CORSA is absolved of 
liability for that those room nights. We're sort of caught in the switches.

I suspect there may be a time in the future that hotels will require a 
deposit which will not be refunded. If the hotel is taking the reservation 
and taking the cancelation, I see no reason that CORSA should be the ones 
accepting the liability for cancelations. But that is the way it is now.

Also worth noting: I do not set CORSA policy; the elected CORSA Board does. 
This will be discussed at the Board meeting next week.


At 08:52 AM 7/21/2006, aeroned at aol.com wrote:
>  penalty charge from CORSA
>  <SNIP>
>CORSA charges a penalty for canceling a hotel reservation? How can they do 
>that? Wouldn't that have to be something the hotel charges? Does CORSA 
>actually get that money?

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