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tim mahler flat6vair at insightbb.com
Fri Jul 21 18:07:19 EDT 2006

This is the 44th anniverary of the Fitch Sprint.....the other race car (the 
Yenko Stinger is the one most identify)  was developed more for road 
rallying then road courses.  The Sprints are a fun to drive, but like street 
Yenkos,  are not notoriously fast.  My 62 is my first choice for most road 
trips.  the 68 has tall man brackets  which make it less comfortable for me 
<I lie about being 5 6>  the Sprints <coupes> get driven more than my 
convertibles, any time of the year.

I am glad  that the NECC made the arrangements. The "#4" 62 Sprint is one of 
the two Sprints to be on display.  Thus, in answer to Warren LeVeque's 
question about plan B....I'm on plan C.  my yenko clone is 
parked.....running great except for the driver.....waiting for its next 

I'll stop by the Yenko reunion to swagger my Sprint in front of all those 
Stingers and Vettes.  Then off to The John Fitch Exhibit,  then back to 

I hope to visit the 62 Sprint in Oct 1 ish,  with the 68 Sprint -- either 
just before or just after the Time trials at Lime Rock.  gas prices willing.

Time to load the car.  and hope the rain is gentle.  Should wet the grass, 
crops etc  then sunny for Mosport/Ledges and Buffalo.   at least, that's the 
battle plan.

thanks Brian, Bob for making the arrangements.  Glad I got the opportunity 
to help honor John Fitch.

Everyone, If you get a chance,  stop by the museum,  it looks VERY 
nice....let me know how my little 62 is fairing.  Its used to being driven 
not sitting.

tim mahler
Fitch Sprint aficiando
62, 68 Fitch Sprints
yenko clone (#3)

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> The Northeast Corvair Council is pleased to announce:
> A truly special exhibit
> John Fitch: An American Racing Hero
> Presented by Mercedes-Benz
> During the 1960s John created the Fitch Sprint, based on Chevrolet's
> Corvair coupe, and the Fitch Phoenix, a one-off sports coupe with a
> modified, four-carburetor, 170-bhp flat six Corvair engine.  As part
> of the exhibit two Fitch Sprint Corvairs will be on display by
> arrangement with the NECC.

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