<VV> Geoff's Car Update

Bill Hubbell whubbell at cox.net
Sat Jul 22 00:27:45 EDT 2006

After sitting in my garage for over a year while I diddled around doing bodywork (and farming some of it out to nearby help), I have finally thrown in the towel.  We hauled Geoff's 1965 Evening Orchid convertible to a local body shop yesterday and with any luck it will be returning to us in a few weeks with a fresh paint job.  Geoff and I did manage to sand the entire car first (including door jambs, undersides of deck and engine lids, etc.), and the car is in good shape to be repainted.

Thanks to Smitty for some help with the body work, and to Rich Thompson for digging up a modern code for Evening Orchid from the DuPont company.

After I get back from Buffalo I will check in on the progress.  Pictures will be posted as they become available.

Bill Hubbell

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