<VV> On the road finally

Cliff Tibbitts tibbitts at qx.net
Sat Jul 22 22:07:24 EDT 2006

Well, the weekend started out great.  My wife and I spent a very pleasant
evening with Chuck and Liz Armer.  We had dinner together and then I took
them back to their hotel.  Unfortunately for Chuck and Darth, we had one of
our summer thunderstorms and Darth looked like a cat that fell in the
swimming pool.  

Today, I finally put my 66 Monza on the road after 14 months of fighting
with it.  I still have some issues to work out.  Still doesn't want to idle,
but the worst thing was the dreaded "Vapor Lock."  Now, before you all jump
on me, here are the facts.  Cool day, high only about 78.  New gas tank, all
new fuel lines, including the long line in the tunnel.  New clamps, all
tight.  Checked and double checked.  The fuel pump was hot enough to fry the
proverbial egg.  We cooled it with ice, shot some starter fluid in carbs and
on the second try, we got on the road.  

I may need to work on better sealing the engine compartment.  I do have a
new engine to body seal, but there are some noticeable leaks/holes in the
sheet metal.  I did de-flash the heads, and checked the fan belt.  I do not
have heat shields on either muffler.  

It was still a momentous occasion.  I did have a lot of fun driving it
around while it lasted.  I am headed to Buffalo in the morning.  I am sure I
will get a lot of suggestions there, and most will likely be kind.  Looking
forward to seeing many of you there. 

I will try and post a link to some pictures and a video later.

BTW Matt, don't believe anything Chuck tells you about my car.  

Cliff Tibbitts
66 Monza, 140/4speed
Goes and stops all by itself now.  

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