<VV> Yenko Pics from Nelson Ledges

Tim Verthein minoxphotographer at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 24 18:17:52 EDT 2006

The action continues here in Ohio

A beautiful afternoon at Nelson Ledges Road Course for the Yenkos, a
few other Corvairs, and a few other non-Corvairs!

Pics are posted at:


It'd be swell if someone who is also on the fastvairs list would share
the link!

Again, these are unedited..raw from the camera..don't have time to edit
and tweak the pics from here on my laptop...but..remember..if you see
YOUR car, or a car you like, or a pic you like, I do have hi-res files
that will allow good cropping, and I can e-mail the hi res pic to
ya..just shoot me an e-mail. (I might not get to it till next week

On to Buffalo tomorrow

Tim in Twinsburg

You *can* repair a flip-flop with a capacitor!

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