<VV> Shuffle off to Buffalo

Bill Hubbell whubbell at cox.net
Mon Jul 24 20:54:21 EDT 2006

Alice and I arrived safely in Buffalo, about 1 pm today.  Our only 
excitement was a stretched fan belt just south of D.C.  First I heard a 
couple of loud "pop"s (kind of like a backfire, but not so loud), next the 
gas pedal began vibrating, and then finally the engine starting pinging.  I 
never did get a warning light, because the belt only loosened up - it was 
still was turning the generator, and the fan was turning a little bit, but 
not enough.  I pulled over to the side of the road and put on my spare belt 
and was back on the road in about 10 minutes.  In spite of all this, Alice 
burned no oil the entire 648 mile trip!  Oh well, that belt only lasted 6 

Along the way we hooked up with Helen and Smitty who were driving a 
Chevrolet rental car, so they are safely here in Buffalo as well.

Tomorrow I will be stuck in a Board meeting all day while everybody else is 
buying all the good parts and visiting the Tonawanda engine plant.

Wednesday Alice will relax in the Car Display (no Concours for her this 
trip - I need a rest!) but Thursday she has to go to work in the Autocross. 
With Smitty's wagon absent from the Stock 1 class we might stand a chance at 
a trophy!  After the Autocross she and I will attend the first ever STOCK 

I plan to be a tourist for the rest of the week - Dinner cruise on Friday 
and Falls tour on Saturday.

Of course, while I am here I will be securing all the parts needed to put 
Geoff's car back together once it returns from the paint booth in a few 

I will try to send out posts as I get time.

Bill Hubbell 

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