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TimogensTurbo at aol.com TimogensTurbo at aol.com
Tue Jul 25 17:32:59 EDT 2006

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> Made it to Buffalo this afternoon without incident.  This shindig is
> right in downtown Buffalo, a bit overwhelming for those of us from
> towns of 600 people! Anyway, Corvairs are pouring in.  Random pics from
> day 1 at:
> http://www.edselmotors.com/buffday1.html

Tim, and any others that submit photos for immediate viewing....THANKS!!!!

Those of us unable to attend...really appreciate it!

TIP:    Don't forget to shoot pics of all the parkinglot cars.....they're the 
interesting ones!!!

Have fun fun fun!

Matt Nall
stocker, mod, v8, turbo, boat, Sandcar
Timogen was a softy!

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