<VV> Mechanic for hire in Buffalo?

TimogensTurbo at aol.com TimogensTurbo at aol.com
Tue Jul 25 18:24:30 EDT 2006

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> On the way to Buffalo, my blower bearing developed a noise.  I bought a new 
> bearing &hub from Clark's.  Since I'm woefully mechanically-challenged, is 
> there someone here in Buffalo I can hire to install it?  Or, for that matter, 
> does anyone here in Buffalo have the tool to lubricate it?  
Bill, if it's like other CORSA conventions....it's probably already fixed by 

As the word gets out.....you'll have 1/2 dozen mechs...just go look for 
someone else working on their car!

But leave Smitty alone.....ggg...he is on VACATION  this year!

If all else fails...get ahold of Hank.....he knows everybody  and everything!

good luck!

Matt Nall
stocker, mod, v8, turbo, boat, Sandcar
Timogen was a softy!

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