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Bill Elliott corvair at fnader.com
Tue Jul 25 20:52:31 EDT 2006


The coupe kick panels are one piece while the convertible kick panels 
are two pace, with the center section (with the air flap door) bolting 
to the car separately then the kick panel fitting over it.

The convertible panel also "kicks out" about an inch at the bottom to 
cover the wider sills, but that difference is not easily seen without 
the two side by side.

Since the 'vert models seal out cold air better, lots of coupe owners 
use the vert center section and carve out their coupe outer panels to 
fit. Being lazy, I simply use the whole vert kick panel in my coupe and 
ignore the gap at the bottom...which no one has ever noticed.


George Jones wrote:

> Does anyone know 'for sure' if there is a difference between coupe and
> convertible kick panels in late models? I suspect they are different 
> since
> the convertibles have some extra metal just forward of the door jamb. 
> If so,
> is there an easy way to identify the convertible kick panels?
> Thanks,
> George Jones
> '65 Monza Crown V8 Convertible
> '66 Monza Coupe (Custom)

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