<VV> Traffic Puzzle? - possible Corvair

grant young gyoungwolf at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 25 23:30:44 EDT 2006

For those who know something about traffic law....
Just suppose that you are sitting (in a Corvair, headed West) 
at a stop sign at an intersection with a through 
street and waiting for a car ('76 Buick) on that 
street to your right (headed South) to turn left (East) 
into the lane next to you...however, after a very long (30 secs.) 
delay, it becomes apparent that the elderly gentleman
in that car (that has the right of way) is not confident 
that he can make the turn without hitting the curb 
or clipping your car (neither are you)....so he motions 
for you to go ahead and cross the street in front of him 
so he can "cut the corner".
     You hesitate, (but not wanting to spend the afternoon 
there), look and ensure that the road is clear, and drive 
across the through street. You are then almost immediately 
pulled over by a policeman who has observed everything. 

Can you be ticketed for failure to yield? 

Please leave the policeman's discretion out of the answer, and
assume that he is a stickler for the law. (This is not a 
hypothetical question....)

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