<VV> Mechanic for hire in Buffalo? (Humor?)

Stephen Upham contactsmu at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jul 25 23:39:25 EDT 2006

Bill, if it's like other CORSA conventions....it's probably already 
fixed by

As the word gets out.....you'll have 1/2 dozen mechs...just go look for
someone else working on their car!

Matt Nall

Why didn't I think of that?  I could have loaded the '65 on a trailer, 
put all of the engine parts along side, and had all the expert advice 
that I would ever need putting the engine together.  I would have had 
at least a few days left for the convention, and I could have driven 
the car home.  Oh, well.  Maybe next year.

Stephen Upham
Dallas, Texas
Corvairium //

Mid prod. #18732 -1965 Monza sedan 110 (Teardown III after an oil 
pressure check determines that there is still debris from the first 
meltdown present in the engine)
Sierra Tan, originally (currently Copper) - Saddle, zero rust, PG, A/C, 
original AM/FM, clock, tint, oil bath air filter, vertical bumper 
guards, w/ 77K (and continuing to hold)
(Still in group red, light at the end of the tunnel that seemingly 
keeps backing away as I attempt to get closer)   : I 

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