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Gary Swiatowy mopar at jbcs2.net
Wed Jul 26 22:39:49 EDT 2006

Don't know where to begin................
Been so busy competing, going to meetings, vending etc, I'm getting beat!
I for the first time was a vendor at the convention. Sold some so far, wish 
to sell a lot more! Have an indoor vending spot................cost the same 
as an outdoor spot only air conditioned! Those vendors who were stubborn and 
stayed away due to the sales tax issue, lost out as it looked to me that a 
lot of people were buying! Just about everyone was carrying parts! And there 
was a decent variety of vendors as well who were taking advantage of those 
of you who stayed home! I have never seen so many NOS body panels before!

Concours: Unofficial count was 56, with at least 80+ in peoples choice. I 
don't have all the info but Hemmings Classic car was there, as well as all 
our local TV affiliates, and yet another film crew doing interviews for a TV 
show that I don't have all the info on. The Buffalo News had a favorable 
article on the front page of our local section.
Saw somw interesting things in both concours and car display, including 
Kevin fear's new power window setup on his early Spyder Coupe, it retains 
the stock handle that with a slight touch opens the windows up or down, he 
has power door locks too. There was a Hippie Greenbrier van all decked out 
in Woodstock era trim, the Corvair Limo, and so much more. I will have 
picturesd up next week..............no time now.
Drawbacks of the Concours? Bad directions to get there, bad stop and go 
traffic on the way back to the hotel! Location was nice aas it was on the 
waterfront, but nothing nearby..............

More later...............going to bed, autocross tomorrow

Gary Swiatowy

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