<VV> For Sale: Ultra #311 in No. CA

Larry Forman larry at forman.net
Thu Jul 27 11:51:56 EDT 2006

After thinking about this a long time, I finally decided I need to focus on a couple of my current projects versus keeping too many of them, so:

For Sale:  Ultra #311.  Located in Half Moon Bay, No. CA.  Price is 
only $1,000.  I have decided my plate is currently too full and it 
does not make sense for me to pick this up and haul it to my 
Sacramento location.  The body is in good condition, but needs paint. 
  It has been converted into an office and the galley has been 
converted to a desk.  It needs total restoration.  Located in Half 
Moon Bay.  Tires have been inflated and the brakes are not locked up 
and it rolls fine.  Engine is not running so it would need to be 
hauled to it's new home.  I have pictures for interested people.
I can be contacted on my cell phone at 916-216-9801 or via e-mail at: 
  larry at forman.net.
-- Larry Forman

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