<VV> Buffalo Autocross Pics & Stuff

Tim Verthein minoxphotographer at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 27 20:05:34 EDT 2006

Autocross was today. 
i opted not to run as I had planned.  Basically because...well..the
trusty '64 has been very busy hauling us around the country, and after
my recent and as yet unexplained clutch cable/linkage strangeness, I
decided not to strain the beast when it has to get us 1500 miles back
home. That and the fact that we went to Niagara Falls yesterday, and
didn't get to bed till quite late, and this ol' boy would never have
got up early enough to make tech inspection anyway.   So..we DID get to
the track for some photos....missed most of the mod stuff.....but...


There's also a few shots from the hotel in there too.  I fear my early
preference may be apparent in the photos! 

We're off to Gary, Indiana tomorrow morning, so this is gonna be my
last update from the Convention.  We're off to Oshkosh for a day at the
fly in, then heading toward Minneapolis and then home.  I feel quite
confident the clutch cable/linkage will be fine, since I've purchased
spare parts here in vendor land...and you know how that goes..when you
have the parts with you, things never seem to break. 

I'll be posting my full review of the convention next week, and also
work on better photo galleries, etc.  But glad I was able to help bring
the event to those of you who couldn't be here.  Great fun meeting so
many Corvairists.  Really didn't like being in the big city...us small
town boys just don't like all the concrete I guess, but it was worth

Probably won't be posting again till Sunday morning, depending on how
the next two legs of traveling go.

Tim still in Buffalo

You *can* repair a flip-flop with a capacitor!

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