<VV> Second Chance Offer eBay scam

Joe West joew at diveaz.com
Fri Jul 28 08:53:48 EDT 2006

Hi Gang,

I was contacted this morning for a "second chance" offer from eBay for
something I bid on, but did not win (some KH wire wheels).

Below is the email thread between the "seller" and myself.

The thing to note is that the second chance offer really looks like a real
one from eBay AND it links to the real ebay site and item.  The scam is that
the person sending the second chance offer isn't really the seller of the

The "seller" never replied to my final email.


Make sure you ALWAYS contact the seller linked to the actual ebay item... Go
to eBay, go to the item, click on "contact member" and exchange dialog from
within eBay to ENSURE you are actually dealing with the seller of an item.


Begin dialog between seller and myself:

>>>>>On 7/28/06 4:09 AM, "eBay member" <santo at avecle.com> wrote:
>>>>> Second Chance Offer -- Buy The Item You Recently Bid On

>>>>> (INSERT REAL eBay second chance offer text and html here)

>>> Joe West <joew at diveaz.com> wrote:
>>> I am interested.  Please call me on my cell at (480) XXX-XXXX

>> On 7/28/06 5:07 AM, "eBay member" <santo at avecle.com> wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> Sorry but i am deaf and i can contact you only through my email.Same item is
>> still available for sale, at your last bid amount($1800). The highest bidder
>> failed to complete the transaction because he had some unexpected financial
>> problems.We will work thru ebay. To start the official transaction in a very
>> protected way, please reply with your name, and your shipping address, so I
>> could contact ebay to setup a granted and protected transaction. As soon as
>> I receive your info, I'll start the official procedure, and ebay will notify
>> you about this. You'll receive important guidelines and instructions from
>> them.
>> I need:
>> first name:
>> last name:
>> your address(shipping address):
>> city:
>> zip:
>> Looking forward to your reply.
>> Thank you.

> Joe West <joew at diveaz.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> If you¹d like to work via email... That¹s fine.  To get started, I¹d like to
> see the following:
> 1. Front side pictures of each wheel (no knock off installed or laying on the
> wheel)   
> 2. Back side pictures of each wheel
> 3. Front side pictures of each adaptor
> 4. Back side pictures of each adaptor
> 5. Front side pictures of each knock off
> 6. Back side pictures of each knock off
> Please take each picture individually, zoomed in as close as possible so that
> only a single wheel, adaptor, or knock off is in the picture.  Take the
> pictures with as high a resolution as your camera will support... My email
> account can handle 100Mb attachments so filesize will not be an issue.
> Once you take the above pictures, and assuming everything is in the condition
> I expect, we can work the transaction through eBay.
> Thanks,
> Joe

> "eBay member" <santo at avecle.com> wrote:

I am sorry but I am not able to make more pictures since the package is
already done and it is located at my local FEDEX ready to be delivered and
can t reopen the package and loose the warranty and the shipping costs that
I have already paid till now .

Joe West Wrote:

I would be happy to pay for the additional costs associated with opening the
package and taking the pictures.  Since you have to physically touch the
package to put my shipping information on it... I wouldn¹t expect this to be

Kind Regards,


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