<VV> you might be a bohunk.....(no corvair)

Ray Rodriguez reray at echoes.net
Sat Jul 29 14:48:41 EDT 2006

Great list!

     A uh... friend of mine... has been guilty of a couple of those!ggg

     This also gives me the opportunity to finally tell somebody the "you might be a redneck" I came up with (I dont think bohunk would apply)

     "If the car you drive cost less then the gas in its tank, you might be a redneck."

     Came up with that one all by myself and been looking for an excuse to tell somebody =P

Ray Rodriguez
65 Corsa 140/4

Original message follows:

If you looked into an unfiltered, un-aircleanered carb to see if it was
getting fuel while it cranked and fired, singeing your eyebrows and nose
hairs, you might be a Bohunk.

If nitwittedly put a wide and narrow shoe on the forntof a LM.  Had to be
coaxed on, you might be a Bohunk.

If you have left out the cylinder heat shields while rebuilding an engine,
you might be a Bohunk.

If you installed the turkey roaster without installing the blower fan first, 
you might be a Bohunk.

If you have left the main/clutch shaft out and had to pull the engine, you
might be a Bohunk.

If you have installed an old separate gasket oil filter without the
separate gasket, you might be a Bohunk.

If you almost had a car fall off a lift and had to hold it to keep it on
the lift, until someone came in the shop, you might be a Bohunk.

If you have depressed the brake pedal without  the drums on to hold the
shoes, and had a resultant mess, you might be a Bohunk.

If you forgot to tighten lugnuts and them had the opportunity to enjoy the
refrain "Loose Wheel", you might be a Bohunk.


If you tried to un-tie down a Speed World Challenge '96 Camaro out of a race
trailer with steep ramp, out of gear, by yourself, without a safety tie
down/back-up, had it run you down the ramp, roll over you, cut the heck out
of your finger (hospital trip) and go to rest against the curb, missing a
truck and fire hydrant, you might be a Bohunk!

.......apologies to Jeff Foxworthy....


Chuck S

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