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Tony Underwood tonyu at roava.net
Sun Jul 30 01:03:46 EDT 2006

At 11:22 hours 07/29/2006, BBRT wrote:

>If you looked into an unfiltered, un-aircleanered carb to see if it was
>getting fuel while it cranked and fired, singeing your eyebrows and nose
>hairs, you might be a Bohunk.

Yep, and not proud of it because there were witnesses.

>If nitwittedly put a wide and narrow shoe on the forntof a LM.  Had to be
>coaxed on, you might be a Bohunk.

...I once did absent-mindedly put two short shoes on one side and two 
long shoes on the other...

>If you have left out the cylinder heat shields while rebuilding an engine,
>you might be a Bohunk.

I don't wanna talk about it...

>If you installed the turkey roaster without installing the blower 
>fan first, you might be a Bohunk.

...you been looking over my shoulder or something?

>If you have left the main/clutch shaft out and had to pull the engine, you
>might be a Bohunk.

I never left the shaft out, but I did once put the wrong shaft back 
in by mistake and had 5 neutrals afterwards.

>If you have installed an old separate gasket oil filter without the
>separate gasket, you might be a Bohunk.

...once I installed one that didn't have a gasket on it at all, and I 
was too dumb to notice, just bolted it right up.    I quickly learned 

Speaking of filter error issues:   Another time I got a filter that 
had no threads tapped into the center to run a retaining bolt 
into...  I *did* notice that one.

>If you almost had a car fall off a lift and had to hold it to keep it on
>the lift, until someone came in the shop, you might be a Bohunk.

Fortunately I've never had this happen to me, but I know a guy with a 
Ford van who did...

>If you have depressed the brake pedal without  the drums on to hold the
>shoes, and had a resultant mess, you might be a Bohunk.

OK, this isn't funny anymore...

>If you forgot to tighten lugnuts and them had the opportunity to enjoy the
>refrain "Loose Wheel", you might be a Bohunk.

Now on *This* one I'm able to plead not-guilty.

At least not on any of MY own cars.

>If you tried to un-tie down a Speed World Challenge '96 Camaro out of a race
>trailer with steep ramp, out of gear, by yourself, without a safety tie
>down/back-up, had it run you down the ramp, roll over you, cut the heck out
>of your finger (hospital trip) and go to rest against the curb, missing a
>truck and fire hydrant, you might be a Bohunk!

Well...  I *did* manage to once get ticked off about something while 
attempting to back the Spyder up out of the driveway (forgot 
something or whatever, I forget) and I yanked the e-brake on *Hard* 
as I jumped out (engine was running in neutral) and as I was standing 
in front of the car, pointed downhill in the driveway (with nothing 
between the car and the swamp down in the hollow but a stand of trees 
about 150 ft down the bank) I heard the overstressed and original and 
somewhat aged e-brake cable suddenly go SNAP! and the Spyder came at me.

I was kinda wedged there for a while, jammed between the front bumper 
and the sod keeping the Spyder from taking off down the back yard and 
into the trees on its way to the swampy bottom property (belongs to 
the city, which still won't spray for mosquitos which come up out of 
the woods in swarms).

I was tempted to start yelling for a neighbor but I was too 
embarrassed to allow myself to be "caught" in such a situation...  I 
eventually managed to remedy things but I'm not real proud of having 
experienced it.

For that matter, I look back at this list and I realize I am a klutz.


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