<VV> Blinker Switch

Smitty Smith vairologist at verizon.net
Sun Jul 30 10:09:22 EDT 2006


From: Tim Verthein 

About 15 miles before Tomah, WI I noticed my blinker switch was feeling
"wrong" pulled out to pass, and left blinker got stuck ON. No amount
of switch fiddling would shut it off. I could feel it click to neutral
and right, but the left just kept on blinking. 
  ----------------------big snip------------------
  Smitty Says:  Tim it was nice meeting you at the convention and I am sorry we didn't get to talk more.  There is nothing in common between Early "Turn" indicators and Lates except they do the same operation.  You have a problem in one of two areas.  Either the switch itself, which is bolted to the steering mast jacket forward of the dash, or in the steering hub under the wheel.  You need a steering wheel puller to get into the hub.  The switch contains a bakelite sliding element with contacts embedded in it which is driven by a piece of piano wire which comes from under the wheel hub.  You can actually make turn selections with a finger tip by moving the slider in a pinch.  The piano wire is snapped into a clip which allows it to slip when it reaches the end of the slider stroke.  That also serves the purpose of automatic centering when the switch has been removed and replaced.  I won't go into the internals of the hub or switch as there is too much to put into a post.  I
 will say both ends are usually reparable but when you take things apart, look closely at how they are assembled.  The switch is usually good, but sticky, after 40 years and needs internal cleaning.  Lube it with silicon grease, blinker fluid, or WD-40 and put it back together.  It is common for the pivot bolt for the signal arm to work loose and disable the system. 

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