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Bucketboss at aol.com Bucketboss at aol.com
Sun Jul 30 13:11:17 EDT 2006

Well I made it back from Buffalo last night. 2500 miles round trip towing  my 
Teardrop trailer and used 10 quarts of oil! I now think I have a  corvair 2 
stroke, running about 50:1.
Other than the oil consumption, things went without a hitch. The trip out  
through the UP of Michigan was really nice 2 lane roads. We decided on the way  
home to go the lower route and at about Toledo we got off the thruway and 
drove  the rest of the way on secondary roads. This results of that decision were  
spectacular, a snapshot of the country at a much slower pace and winding 2  
lane roads. This cost us about 4 hours total but well worth the diversion. The  
trip was worth the trip......
As far as the convention goes, I agree with Tim. Downtown Buffalo was a  
great thing to see in my mirror. I won't get into a rant here but there  were 
hitches with the hotel, my registration packet, parking,  and directions on how to 
get to the events....oh well...
The welcome party, VC races, cars in the park were wonderful things.  Making 
some new Corvair friends was also great......
I would like to thank Norm Witte for the help across Michigan and Canada  and 
his great banter throughout the convention, he is quite a guy. I met a few  
others as well. I helped decompress Kevin from Alaska in the hotel bar after he 
 got turned away from the event registration people and was ready to fly 
home. I  also met Seth and we talked for quite some time about various ways to 
change the  world etc... All great people.
So the cars and people were all great. Fortunatly I am back here in  
Minnesota and still have my car(s) and the friends made at the convention.
Buffalo.......keep it.
Back in Minnesota....
Dave Fierek
'65 Corsa 'Vert

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