<VV> my take on the convention

Mike Ioanes mioanes at woh.rr.com
Sun Jul 30 17:56:16 EDT 2006

Arrived Wednesday afternoon.  Had hoped to get there in time to catch a little of the Concours/car display, but it didn't happen.  I had reserved a room with one double bed.  We decided to splurge and have our tons of luggage brought in by a bellhop-a VERY good choice.  He & my wife went to the room and I took the car to the garage.  My wife called me on my cell phone and said we were moving to a larger room...needless to say, the bellhop got a bigger tip for arranging that.  Check-in at the registration desk (for the convention) was painless.  BTW, despite having copied the cover of the Communique with the map & directions and having my trusty road atlas handy, I got lost coming in, finally found the hotel by following a group of Corvairs!  Inside & outside vendors and the hospitality room were going strong.  Had a nice dinner at the Pearl St. Grill and off to the VV meeting, to which I was late.

Thursday I decided to go to the autocross.  the course looked fast and I watched most of the faster group.  Had two sets of directions and used parts from both-got there. Went to the Anchor Bar for wings and another beef on weck for lunch, taking another couple my wife met in the lobby with us.  They had flown in from Texas for the convention and were about to take a taxi.  Went to the American side of the Falls, ate dinner in the Hard Rock Cafe.  Friday a last look around at the vendors, a couple of last-minute purchases and we were off.

This was my sixth convention out of a possible nine-haven't been to a Western Div. one (yet).  Only the second where we stayed at the host hotel-Daytona was the first.  All were good-all different.  The 4 Clubs and everyone involved with the convention did a great job.  I only had to go up 2 floors-to the 5th-so used the stairs instead of waiting for an elevator.  Found enough ice to keep things cool in the ice chest...a refrigerator and microwave would have been nice, but I knew we wouldn't have them.

Thanks to all involved.

Mike Ioanes

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