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Neilg1016 at aol.com Neilg1016 at aol.com
Sun Jul 30 21:35:33 EDT 2006

Hello everyone!
I have a 65 Corsa Conv. - 140 HP - 4 speed, electronic ignition, new Wolf  
primaries.  The engine was rebuilt two years ago by Don Gray in Indy  and 
currently has about 400 miles on it (don't ask why it wasn't driven  last year - 
ugly story).
After driving it about 200 miles around the area this year without a  
problem, it developed a miss.   I went over the electrical  putting new heavy duty 
plug wires (Clarks), new coil and finally new  plugs.  With the wires and coil, 
no improvement was noted but  I narrowed the problem (so I thought) to one 
cylinder.  I installed a  new plug and the car seemed to run fine, the miss went 
away.  I replaced  the rest of the plugs, took her out for a drive and things 
went well  - for about 15 miles.  Then she started to miss a little and got  
worse over the next 4 miles.  I barely got the car home.  I had  to keep the 
engine reved to keep it running.  It stalled a couple of times  but restarted 
I also noted over the first 200 miles the car would miss a bit when cold  but 
would smooth out in about 2-3 minutes.  I also noticed that the  distributor 
shaft will move up and down about 1/4 inch when I re-examined the  electronic 
ignition.  So much so that it causes the optical gate disc to  ride very close 
to the bottom edge of the optical source.  I see this when  I pull the cap.  
Should the shaft move that much?  
These are all the symptoms I can relate.  Any suggestions on where to  look 
next.  By the way, I am a Corsa member.
Neil Gambow

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