<VV> Humble and Polite Suggestion From A Lurker

Mike Jacobi mvjacobi at comcast.net
Sun Jul 30 23:01:39 EDT 2006

Hi VV gang

As the dust from the convention settles and some of us get ready to flame others, over minutae, I wanted to politely suggest....

Today someone's child will be injured in an accident.  Today someone will learn that they or a loved one has terminal cancer.  Today someone will find that they are jobless and have to scramble to find money for food and shelter.  Compared to these actual disasters, difficulty attending a convention seems, frankly, really small stuff.

If you had problems with somthing at the convention, or really anywhere else run by volunteers, I suggest you apply these questions before you make any negative public comments.

Is it accurate?

Is it helpful?

Is it necessary?

Constructive comments are, or should be, always welcome.  But the rule is and always has been, praise in public, complain in private.  A well reasoned missive to CORSA sent privately to the BoD will yield far more than public sniping at the host committee, which is naturally , right now, kind of sensitive to that sort of thing.

I haven't been around nearly as long as most of you, but I have seen some wonderful things within the Corvair community.  Heck, I've seen a master mechanic repair a faulty turn signal in the pitch dark working only with a cigarette lighter...only on the basis of wanting to help a fellow Corvairian.  Good people and ones doing things you're not likely to find too often elsewhere.

God bless the volunteers.


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