<VV> Convention Thoughts -- a contrarian speaks

mhicks130 at cox.net mhicks130 at cox.net
Mon Jul 31 00:18:42 EDT 2006

Just because you label complaints as "gripes" doesn't mean they're not valid complaints.  There were some legitimate issues with the hotel and convention.  I think the host clubs' volunteers worked their butts off to make everything work but obviously with something this big and complex, things are going to go wrong.  The hotel had "issues", of that there is no doubt.  Voicing complaints of these issues isn't the same as criticising the host club for picking it.  It's a lesson learned for the following conventions, although I wonder what control a club could have over them.  You can't please everyone so there will alway be some complaining but not all complaints are wrong or bad.  

For the record, this was my first Corsa convention and I had a blast.  The problems were real but they didn't keep me from having fun.  Just seeing all those Corvairs parked together in that (dingy) parking garage and hearing those guys from the Tonawanda plant talk about building our engines made everything worth the trip. 


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